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  1. When I arrived in Charlotte, I was told to wait on the gangplank for my carry on bag. The temperature in the gangplank was at least 95 degrees in this confined space. My medical condition makes me dizzy and I was standing on an incline because there were over 30 people crammed in the confined space.

    I refused to wait in the gangplank for 10 minutes for my bag. I walked up the gangplank and met a ticket agent, ALICIA C. I could not understand her English that well, but I was able to discern that if I walked back on the gangplank for 30 feet I was breaking federal law and would be arrested. If it was not for her extremely poor attitude, I may have been more understanding if ALICIA C. showed any kindness. Her treatment of me was that of a prisoner, not a PAYING customer.

    You will never guess what happened next. Another customer walked up to ALICIA C. just seconds after I was read the riot act. This other passenger obviously forgot something and she told him to follow her back down the gangplank.

    I immediately went to the complaint desk after a baggage handler brought my bag. ALICIA C., knowing that I was reporting her behavior, went to the customer service counter that I was waiting at and started talking to the supervisor. I can only guess that she told the customer service manager that I was complaining without due cause.

    The Constitution of the United States gives all of us the right not to be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. I guess this LAW does not apply to US Airways! My crime was being a US AIRWAYS customer! I saw a lot of soldiers at the terminals. This reminded me that our freedoms are fought for every day with the lives of brave men and women that die for our rights and our freedoms. They too are subjected to such harassment and then go out and fight to avoid such injustices. Sounds rather ironic to me.

  2. Regional aircraft operated on behalf of are piloted by individuals that qualify for food stamps.They usually operate on behalf of a major airline (delta, us airways,united,American,ETC....) Painted in that airlines colors and using the airlines flight numbers. It is very unsettling to me that the person responsible for my safety at 37,000feet is poor, hungry, in massive debt (flight school loans) and cannot provide for themselves much less for his/her family. And that is the description of a person mentally and emotionally unfit to fly!
    These men and women are perfectly qualified and talented to fly but under conditions that are horrendous. For fear of safety and for moral reasons.BOYCOTT regional airlines and demand the majors to address the situation.

  3. Today I tried to check in for my return flight back via the US airways website, the site told me it could not check me in, that my seats had been changed and gave me an 800 number to call. I called the 800 number and the woman I talked to said I was checked in, my seats were still confirmed and that I just needed to arrive 45 minutes before my 10:50pm flight to print my boarding pass and check any bags. She said that the system was having issues but we were checked in and everything was ok. I arrived at the Honolulu airport 45 minutes before my flight. When we walked up to the counter one of the 3 people standing there said "oh great another person." The manager (Linda - she refused to give us her last name) who was standing at the counter was angry and rude right off the bat. She at first tried to say that we had arrived after 10:05pm but when we showed her our phones with the time she then started going on about how she had to have everyone out of there before 10:05pm or she would have to pay overtime. At first she said we couldn't fly because we were not checked in, when I told her we were checked in she said that we could try to carry our bag and see they would let us through but we would lose any liquids we had (in the bag that supposed to be checked in), we said ok to that but then they could not print our boarding passes because the person I had talked to 10am when I called the 800 number to check in apparently did not check us (one of the 5 customer service people I later talked to said that it is not possible to check someone in over the phone). The US Airways staff at the airport were horrible and rude, my boyfriend talked to them while I called the same 800 number that I had called earlier. The manager Linda talked to the customer service person I had on the line and flat out lied to her in front of me, saying me had arrived after 10:05pm, she later told the staff members at the airport that we had arrived by 10:05pm when we asked if there was a timed video. The things that bothers me most about this situation is that we did every thing we were told to do. We tried to check in and arrived at the airport when we were suppose to. Us Airways system was having some sort of issue (according to the customer service person I talked to), Linda felt the need to close down the baggage check early and therefore we could not check our bag, they could not print our boarding pass because the US Airway employee that I talked to was either misinformed, didn't know what she was doing or just flat out lied to me. So basically a lot of issues on US Airways end has resulted in us not getting to board our flight (and as the next flight does not leave for 24 hours, being delayed for a full day), having to rent a car and find a hotel at 11pm and be on standby for a flight tomorrow as we were told it would be $265 each to rebook the flight that we already paid for, thought we had confirmed and arrived in time for.) There was a point people didn't dread flying but today most people really dislike the airline industry and above and beyond small profit margins, issues with unions and everything else that plagues todays airlines, the real thing that is the airline industries biggest is is horrible customer service along with a total disregard for customer experience. Eventually someone who will develop a business model that works better and that treats customers decently and most likely that will by the final nail in today's airline dinosaurs, and I say good riddance.


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