Henan Airlines: Tell Your Horror Story Here

An Embraer E-190 similar to the aircraft involved in the August 25, 2010, plane crash.

Photo courtesy of Agência Brasil.

Henan Airlines (Cannot find website. The link is a Wikipedia article. Evidently, the airline had a lousy reputation all around and is currently not in operation.)

Due to an August 25, 2010, crash, Henan Airlines temporarily suspended operations, pending an investigation.

Wikipedia article

The airline apologized

200 Henan pilots: fake credentials?

Need to complain directly to the airline? Forget about it. In October 2010, Henan Airlines filed for bankruptcy.

Need to file a formal complaint with The Aviation Consumer Protection Division? Click here. (In this case, probably not applicable.)

Complaints about Henan Airlines (Google Search)

If this airline resumes operations: Run, don't walk!

The above photograph was produced by Agência Brasil, a public Brazilian news agency. Their website states: "O conteúdo deste site é publicado sob a licença Creative Commons Atribuição 2.5 Brasil" (The content of this website is published under the Creative Commons License Attribution 2.5 Brazil)

Were you or a family member involved in the August 25, 2010, plane crash? Other comments are also welcome. Comment below:

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