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  1. It is not stop with this airline we have traveled to North Dakota and back to Cheyenne Wy. with this company for over a year. they dont inform you the flight is caceled or delayed they wont look you in the eye when they talk to you. i wish there was another airline to use but there isnt. No customer service skills what soever

  2. Great Lakes Airlines has awful service and they have lost/delayed/damaged my luggage on several occasions. They always have some lame excuse and they try to blame it on their other airline partners or the TSA. I travel for work about 75% of the time and I expect some things not to go right but when I fly on Great Lakes Airlines, I never expect anything to go right…..but no more. I can’t imagine ever willing agreeing to fly with them again. I’ll drive before I spend another dime with this “no can do” outfit. Do yourself a favor and fly with anyone else or rent a car and drive there. You’ll be happy you did.

  3. Unfortunately Great Lakes is the only airline that connects to Show Low, Az...they have the monopoly on operations. For three subsequent flights out of Show Low, my flights have either been delayed or cancelled...without explanation. Service is horrible. This airline needs to realize that reliability is more important then accesibility to most people. I can fly to another airport and drive three hours to ensure that i get to my destination. My recommendation, do not take this airline unless you do not care when you arrive or depart.

  4. Avoid these folks like the plague! They cancel flights at the drop of a hat and then they don't notify the customer. When you try to get re-accommodated on another flight, they try to make you pay the change fee. They are not interested in solving customer problems at all. They will take your money. Beware.

  5. Delayed five hours, Lost thousands in business deals because I could not get to meetings, its an outrage!. Don't fly out of Pierre, South Dakota! Their flights are always delayed or have mechanical issues. No one will keep you informed to keep you there when you could make other travel arringements. Two, Four, Five hours then let you know, "the flight is cancelled". WHAT? I watched Great Lakes Statas on line and they cannot go one week without delays or cancellations. Fly at your own risk if you need to get somewhere. You have a better chance staying right in Pierre, South Dakota.

  6. Hello. I flew on 6/22/2013 to Denver on United 5521M, and then from Denver to Sheridan on Great Lakes 7196M. The plane did not land because of a thunderstorm, and instead of going to a nearby airport flew back to Denver. Your staff in Denver said that they could try to get us on another flight, but that all their afternoon flights that day were already overbooked, so I would be on standby. No provisions were offered for an overnight stay in Denver, and no other solution was offered. And it was entirely possible that the next flight out would have to return just like ours did. By the time 7196M had returned to Denver, I could have already driven through town from Albuquerque. So in total disgust, I told United to just fly me back to Albuquerque, which they did, on flight 6112Y. I have arthritis in my knees and double hip replacements, and riding planes all day and sitting in the airport was painful and not at all pleasant. The only reason I decided to fly in the first place is because it only cost a little more than the gas for driving, but now I am out the $600 for the wasted flight, wasted an entire day of my time, and will now drive up there as soon as United can find my luggage, which was lost at your Gate A57 in Denver. I have not flown for 6 years and was looking forward to it, but I’ll never do it again. And I had over $1000 worth of stuff in my checked bag. I was going to Sheridan to help my Mom, who was in a car wreck last week, and now she will have to wait until I can get my truck ready to go and I can get my stupid luggage back. Your airline has cured me of flying, and I will heretofore drive everywhere I need to go. And unless United sees fit to reimburse my entire ticket cost, I will provide business review websites with nothing but sour reviews of both United and Great Lakes.

  7. about a year and a half ago my flight was canceled. i was notified at 11 pm the night before i was to fly out at 6 am. they would not give me a refund. said it was due to "pilot fatigue". i guess they have just the one pilot? well my wife just landed in denver on her way back to cheyenne and guess what? her flight is canceled. there is no bad weather, so wonder what their excuse will be this time. im glad i live a few miles for from their headquaters. i will be making a trip. so its either refund my wifes money or have some property damage

  8. I was travelling from Seattle to Sheridan Wyoming. I got to Denver and they told me that I they were downsizing the plane to a 9 passenger Beachcraft, and I was the last one to get on. Then they said they didn't have a pilot qualified to fly that aircraft. Then they said that they were cancelling for weather, and nobody would receive any compensation. Finally they got a flight together the next day. This company just deserves to go out of business.


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