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Frontier Airlines

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  1. My story is posted here:

  2. Frontier Airlines was the worst airline I ever traveled with.
    The staff was unfriendly,and uptight. We actually felt discriminated against when the stewardess said hello and goodbye to the other passengers and when it came to us,(hispanics) they turned their faces. No eye contact or anything. The prices for the items were expensive. If they could've charged you for breathing the air, they would've. No leg room but worst, if you got to sit on the NO RECLYNING ROW. Try sitting there for 3 hrs. or more. Don't recommend to anyone.. Never AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  3. My partner and I were so disappointed with Frontier airlines. Very uncomfortable seats,ailes too narrow, impersonal staff, and the only thing for free was 1 chocolate chip cookie, water, coffee, and soda. How cheap can you get????

  4. The staff on Frontier Airline flights are the most rude out of all of them. My wife was flying from Denver to L.A. And was asked to give up her seat to a guy who wanted to sit next to his daughter. This is a no brainier, and she was about to say of corse but before she could even speak the angry Asian lady says "or you can just hold up the whole plane and get moved regardless of what you want." my wife then said to her "I was trying to tell you of corse I will move!" she then called customer service and gave them her name. The lady told us, "I am sorry this happened to you but honestly no one will follow up with this, at all, but we will be glad to document this." frontier, I fly with you guys 2 times a week and have flown with you for 4 years. You just lost 2 loyal customers. I will also spread the word.

  5. Frontier Airlines sucks! The last two flights I've booked they missed the connecting flight, supposedly because of weather. The fist time, it was raining, so I guess that constitutes a major problem for their pilots. But what really galled me is I made to the gate for the connecting flight before it left, but they refused to open the door. So I sat there looking at the plane for ten minutes before it left the gate. I spent the night in some shit hotel they recommended, but won't pay for. This time, again, the weather was to blame. Apparently the existence of a few clouds (okay, some fog, but not at all bad) was the problem. Again, I stayed at some cheap motel, and again these worthless pricks won't pay for it. In the end, it took me 36 hours to get from SF to Indy, and hassles beyond belief. To top it off, the majority of their employees are assholes. Bon Voyage!